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PLEASE NOTE: US orders will be be processed in Canadian dollars, but your monthly credit card bill will show the cost in US dollars. Since currency exchange rates fluctuate daily, the charge on your bill may be a few cents more or less than what is quoted here.

Return/Refund Policy

Subscription cancellation: Cancelled subscriptions are refunded for the term remaining, less a $2.00 administration fee.

Damaged materials: Materials that are damaged in transit may be returned to Green Teacher for replacement or refund within 21 days of receipt.

Privacy Policy

From time to time, Green Teacher trades mailing lists of subscribers who have indicated that they are willing to have their names traded to educational and environmental organizations. If you are a new subscriber, your name will not appear on these lists. When your current subscription comes due for renewal, the renewal form you receive will give you the option of having your name deleted from all traded lists.

Green Teacher does not maintain or trade lists of those who order materials other than subscriptions. Subscribers' names are not included on traded mailing lists unless they have given us permission to do so.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelled subscriptions are refunded for the term remaining on the subscription, less a $2.00 administration fee.

Shipping Policy

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